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Conference: EMPLOYMENT CONFERENCE 2019 - CHALLENGES IN TODAY’S WORKPLACE Workshop: CIVIL PROCEDURE: Developing Advocacy and Scholarshipin Procedural Applications Seminar: INSOLVENCY & COMPANY LAW: Impact of the New Legislative Regime (Miri) Book Launch: Book launch: "A Practical Guide to the Industrial Relations Act 1967" by T. Balasubramaniam at MECA Convention Conference: SSM National Conference 2017
"Implementation of Companies Act 2016. Moving Together. Greater Together"
Symposium: Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance: Litigation or Arbitration? Seminar: Companies Act 2016: New Dynamics & Impact (SBH) Seminar: Companies Act 2016: New Dynamics & Impact (PEN) Book Launch: The Malaysian Judiciary Seminar: Companies Act 2016: New Dynamics & Impact (KL) Conference: Human Resource Training Workshop: Industrial Harmony and Managing Retrenchment Others: Malaysian Bar AGM Conference: International Islamic Banking and Finance Law Conference 2016 Seminar: Industrial Harmony And Managing Retrenchment Seminar: Seminar on Superior Courts Advocacy Seminar: Islamic Banking & Finance Law Seminar Conference: MLCC 2015
Seminar: HRM Seminar: Upskilling Human Resource (HR) Practitioners Seminar: Islamic Banking & Finance Law (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 2014) Conference: Labuan International Business & Financial Centre (Labuan Ibfc) Legal and Corporate Conference 2014 Conference: 3rd Annual Employment And Labour Law Conference 2014 The Learning Conference: Islamic Banking & Finance Law 2014 Book Launch: Islamic Transactions and Finance: Principles and Developments
Companies Act 2016: New Dynamics & Impact (SBH) (26/04/2017-26/04/2017)
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