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Muslim who refused to shake the boss's hand wins court damages 20/08/2018
Syariah Appeal Court maintains RM1,900 fine on Khalid 05/04/2018
Empower Syariah Court, says Tengku Abdullah 30/03/2018
Surau hall turns into Syariah court to hear case on endowment land 14/03/2018
Sarawak not amending state syariah law on apostasy 04/03/2018
Convicted women to be caned in Malaysia for 'attempting lesbian sex' 16/08/2018
Lewd dangdut performances under investigation 23/01/2018
Will amended Act 355 affect non-muslims? 20/01/2018
Protection of person's dignity imperative in serving justice the Islamic way: SIS 09/01/2018
Look to 'ta'zir' for guidance in drug sentencing 05/01/2018
Family Law
Ziana and Armin's divorce on hold 15/05/2018
Charge against Ziana Zain's husband amended, yet again 15/05/2018
Avoidable error by a London court? 19/04/2018
Special court to speed up marriages, divorces for Muslims 04/04/2018
Duke Crash: Custody hearing postponed, grandmother applies review of decision ordering children to testify 02/04/2018
Islamic Finance
Malaysia retains spotlight as leading Islamic finance centre 13/11/2018
Malaysia's sukuk issuance exceeds projection for 2018 13/11/2018
Ambank Islamic to launch own version of Rent-To-Own scheme 04/10/2018
Economic impact next stage for Islamic finance, says Zeti 04/10/2018
Bank Negara nudges Islamic institutions towards sustainable finance 03/10/2018
Obama's Jokers Liars Club 01/04/2014 Patriot Post
British law society’s move to allow Islamic ‘Sharia compliant’ wills called ‘deeply disturbing’ 27/03/2014 National Post
Secular lawyers threaten action over Law Society Sharia wills guide 25/03/2014 The Lawyer
Mahkamah batal permohonan Wan Nor Azlin 15/01/2014 Sinar Harian
Jakim to get new D-G 13/05/2018
Pas' Syariah Private Member's Bill not debated in Parliament 05/04/2018
MyHAC proof of govt emphasises on development of Islam: Ahmad Zahid 29/03/2018
DPM launches world's first halal laboratory in Seremban 29/03/2018
Muslim Lawyers' Group rebuked UN rep over fatwa status in Malaysian legal system 22/02/2018