Halal Certification

Ukrainian LLC Certification Center Halal

Ukrainian LLC Certification Center Halal is a halal certification body that is approved and accredited to certify food products in compliant with Halal standards in Ukraine. The body has been certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) as one of the recognized Foreign Halal Certification in the country.

Address: 46 Lukianivska str Kyiv, Ukraine 04071.
Contact No.: +380 93 888 88 22
Email: Halal@halal.ua

Halal Certification Process:

  1. Submission of Application by an applicant to the body.
  2. Collection and Verification of relevant documents from the applicant.
  3. Approval of such documents.
  4. Conclusion of Contract.
  5. Departure of the Expert Commission.
  6. Laboratory Samples Analysis of product.
  7. Conclusion by the Expert Commission.
  8. Determination of a Certification Scheme.
  9. Certificate is issued to the applicant.

Sample of Ukrainian LLC Certification Center Halal Certificate

Al Khaleej Halal

Al Khaleej Halal is an international centre of certification that controls the production of Halal products and goods in Ukraine. The body aims to assist manufacturers to broaden their market in producing Halal products and goods throughout the country as well as to increase the export of Ukrainian local products to other Islamic countries.

Address: Ukraine, 21018, Vinnitsa, 31 Pirogov St.
Contact No.: +38(050)3138819 / +38(098)2462336
Website: info@halal-certificate.com

Halal Certification Process:

  1. Receipt of Application from an applicant.
  2. Product scope Analysis.
  3. Submission of Legal Documents as well as Process Documents consisting of:
    1. Detailed product specification sheet.
    2. Technical specifications sheet of National Ukrainian Standards (GSTU), technical specifications for a particular product (TU), safety requirements, product application, environmental protection requirements, transportation and storage and manufacturer’s warranty).
    3. Permit from National Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine.
    4. Company’s statutory documents.
  4. Drawing up of a contract for the Analysis and Audit of a Production Facility and its product scope.
  5. An audit will be performed by the Expert Committee.
  6. Laboratory samples testing.
  7. Expert Committee will issue a conclusion.
  8. Certification Agreement is issued to be signed. Subsequently, a certificate is issued.

Sample of Halal Certification provided in Al Khaleej Halal's website

Halal Global Ukraine Certification Center

Halal Global Ukraine Certification Center is an independent certification body in Ukraine that provides for certification of products, goods and services to be in compliance with Halal standards. The body was established in January 2016 with the aim to assist producers and manufacturers there to expand their markets while simultaneously establishing export relations with other Islamic countries.

Address: 10 Dovzhenko st., Offce 26, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Contact No.: +38(044)3927415 / +380677770714
Fax: +38(044)-392-74-15
Е-mail: info@halalglobal.in.ua

Halal Certification Process:

  1. Submission of application by an applicant.
  2. Collection of relevant documents by the body.
  3. Verification of such documents.
  4. Adoption of the documents once verified.
  5. Departure of the Expert Committee.
  6. Laboratory samples Analysis.
  7. Drawing up a conclusion by the Expert Committee.
  8. Determination of the Certification Scheme.
  9. Conclusion of a Contract.
  10. Issuance of certificate to the applicant.

Sample of Halal Certificate provided in Halal Global Ukraine's website