Halal Certification

  1. Jamea Markaz Uloom Islamia Mansoora ( JMUIM )

    JMUIM Halal Pakistan has been established & wholly owned by “Jamia Markaz Uloom-e-Islamia Mansoorah” which was established in 1981 to provide religious education devoid of any sectarian prejudice-pure Islam, having decayed-long experience in Islamic jurisprudence, halal standardization, pieces of training, and halal certifications.

    Address: Mansoorah, Multan Road, Lahore, Pakistan

    Tel : +924235419520

    Fax : +924235431938

    Email: info@jmuimhalal.com

    Website: https://www.jmuimhalal.com

    Halal Certification Process



  2. Punjab Halal Development Agency ( PHDA )

    Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) is a Halal development and Certification Body accredit by PNAC owned by Government of Punjab. PHDA has been aimed at formalizing the Halal sector i.e. Halal Product‘s Certifications against PS: 3733-2010,Halal Business Projection, Human Resource Progression, Compliance regime of Halal food safety standards and promote Pakistan as “Halal Hub” in the world. Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) is an R&D Agency headed by learned Shariah Scholar Justice (Rtd) Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan. Technical experts having diversified background are being included in his team. Under the administrative control of Provincial Livestock and Dairy Development Department, its secretariat is being established at Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company.

    Address: 4/6 Shaheen Complex, Egerton Road, Lahore Pakistan

    Tel: +92 42 99205439-40

    Fax: +92-42-36370665

    Website: https://phda.com.pk/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Punjab-Halal-Development-Agency-PHDA-391038827973481


  3. Al-Waiz Certification and Training Services

    The Al-Waiz Certification & Training Services Pvt Ltd (ACTS), is comprehensive established Halal Certification & Training body in Pakistan. ACTS is a Private-run agency in Pakistan with Highly qualified resource people, food science graduates, Doctors and shariah Experts are responsible for Training, testing, inspecting Halal Food manufacturing industries and products to ensure their stringent Islamic permissible conditions and to be vociferously conforming to Halal certification.

    Office No 03, 3rd Floor, 221/222-B, Commercial Area, Sector C, Bahria, Town Lahore, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan

    + 92 335-4646464

    m.qasim@acts.pk, info@acts.pk




  4. Center for Halal Assurance Pvt. Ltd (CEHA)

    Center for Halal Assurance Pvt. Ltd (CEHA) is a leading & globally recognized Halal Certification Body duly accredited by International Halal Integrity Alliance- IHIA Malaysia and an exclusive country partner of Mosafer C and IHIA. It operates in active collaboration with different international and local organizations under a joint MoU. The CEHA runs under its Board of Directors and the guidance of its strong Sharia Advisory Board, Technical Experts and Sharia Coordinators across the globe working with different Islamic Seminaries (Darul Ulooms).The company has been established to promote Halal consumption globally by offering Halal Certification Services to total food and non-food industry which includes, all kind of Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Ingredients, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Packaging, Slaughtering, Hotel & Restaurants and many other industries. CEHA caters to all important international and regional Halal standards including Pakistan Halal Standards, GSO Halal standards, UAE Halal standards, OIC-SMIIC Halal standards & Malaysian Halal standards etc. To facilitate its clients, CEHA offers Halal Certification services as per the client’s export requirements, acceptable all over the world.

    Address: 10 Nabha Rd, Lahore, 54000, Pakistan

    Tel: +92 302 8419573




  5. International Halal Inspection and Certification (IHIC)

    IHIC (International Halal Inspection and Certification) is a pioneer in halal food Certification, focusing on training & development, Certification and consultancy in Pakistan. IHIC was established to help manufacturers, gain a larger slice of the lucrative Halal food market. IHIC aims to be the most reliable, credible and professional certifier of Halal food. Founded in 2017, and quickly became the largest certifier in its first year of business. IHIC offers skill based training programs to help the individuals and the organizations to identify and harness their potential leading towards exceptional achievement and success at both individual and organizational levels. Modern inspection tools and techniques are used to identify the production procedure and roots of ingredients. Comprehensive audit technique is used to help the industry to gain self-awareness and equip them with the adequate knowledge and skills leading to better work place performance.

    Sunfort Gardens, Block J Architects Engineers Housing Society, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

    Tel: +92 (321) 841 4385



    Halal Certification Process


    • Review of Application
    • Scope
    • Ingredients/additives
    • Man days required to conduct on site audits
    • Availability of auditors and other resources.
    • Additional information may be asked from the client

    Evaluation Stage 1

    • Review of documents
    • Analysis of food safety hazard points
    • Legal Requirements
    • Pre-requisite programs (PRPs).
    • Identification of Halal Control Points.
    • Product Lines, Machinery and Utensils.
    • Packaging and Labeling System.

    Evaluation Stage 2

    • Audit team will perform the audit
    • Check the awareness of the concerned person
    • Information/test report
    • supplier's detail are collected for all ingredients/ additives
    • Evaluation of ingredient's
    • Auditors will ensure the effective Halal management system relating to site layout, production/process layout, storage, and transport and associated facility like eating area, water tank, drainage, changing rooms, toiletries and hand washing facility

    Review of Audit

    • Review of customer's audit report/complaints related to product/process
    • Submit the corrective action report within 28 days

    Issue of Certificate/Halal Logo

    • Approval Committee will release the decision for issuance of certificate after reviewing, an audit report. Approval committee will consist of the following minimum number of persons:
      • Islamic affairs expert.
      • Head of certification.
      • Technical expert.
      • Lead auditor and other auditors can be included for review.

    Maintenance of Halal Certificate/Logo

    • For maintenance/validity of certificate, client will accept the surveillance, reassessment, terms and other related conditions/requirements specified by ``IHIC``

    See: https://ihicertification.com/halal-certification-procedure/


  6. Renaissance Inspection & Certification Agency (RICA)

    Renaissance is a private independent organization, carrying experience of over 10 years in technical consulting, trainings, inspections and certifications. Rightly this reputation has enabled us to assist more than 300 companies in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. RICA has its head office in Karachi Pakistan while branch offices are in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Turkey.

    International; Saudi, UAE, USA, Pakistan, Turkey

    D-13, Al-Hilal Society, Karachi, Pakistan

    Phone: +92-21 34122278

    Cell: +92-304-2225454, +92-333-3571770

    Email: sales@ri-ca.org





  7. SANHA Halal Associates Pakistan Pvt Ltd

    SANHA Pakistan is among the first Halaal certification organizations established in the Islamic Republic which aims to provide a professional, competent and authoritative services to the industry and general. The foundation for Halaal certification in Pakistan was laid in 2005 by a company who were desirous to obtain verification and confirmation of their products’ Halaal compliance. In a sincere quest for bona fide Halaal certification body with acknowledged repute, they travelled far and wide and finally located the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA, South Africa) on the southernmost tip of the African continent. Accordingly, selected individuals, who had received extensive training in the field along with reputable scholars and community members, were appointed to form a locally registered organization in Pakistan. Thus the establishment of SANHA Halaal Associates Pakistan Pvt ltd (SANHA PAKISTAN).

    Flat No.02 Plot 10-C 2nd Commercial Lane Zamzama DHA-V, Karachi, Pakistan

    Phone: + 92-21-35295263, +92-333-3653655, Fax +92-21-35295284

    Email: Karachi@sanha.org.pk

    Website: www.sanha.org.pk


    Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) is the authority responsible for the implementation of regulations controlling Halal Certification in Pakistan. GulfTIC-EIPL, a renowned certification body (Joint Venture of Dubai based company GulfTIC Certification L.L.C (GulfTIC) and Pakistan based company Enventure Impex (Pvt.) Ltd (EIPL)) are responsible to ensure halal products by providing international certifications in Islamabad and certification for Middle East body. The Certification body also provides third-party inspection and certification.

    Office No.101 1st Floor, Golden Heights, Hilal Road, F 11/1 Islamabad, Pakistan

    Phone: 051-8733865-66

    Website: www.gulfticeipl.com

    Halal Certification Process

    The certification process is comprehensive, covering evaluation of both products and factory: Involving the following steps

    Application Form:

    • Register as an applicant – Apply Online
    • Requirement: Valid Trade License.

    Note: Email the application form at info@gulfticeipl.com

    Apply for Service

    • By Product Category.
    • Select as an applicant or submit application.
    • Send required documents.
      • Declaration of Conformity.
      • Table of ingredients list.
      • Table of finished/raw materials.
      • Copy of Halal certificate of ingredients/raw materials or copy of product specification.
      • Manufacturing process flowchart and production procedure.
      • Label artworks.
      • Test reports.
      • Proof of effective implementation of FSMS/ GMP/ GHP or QMS.

    Payment of Fees

    • Application Fee.
    • Document Review Fee.
    • Initial Audit Fee.
    • Fee for the License to Use the Halal National Mark.
    • Certificate Fee.

    Send an e-mail to info@gulfticeipl.com for request of fees.

    Issuance of Certificate

    • A Certificate of Conformity and License to Use Halal National Mark will be issued to the supplier of product that has complied with the requirements.

    See: http://www.gulfticeipl.com/halal-certification/


  9. Global Halal Services ( GHS )

    Global Halal Services (GHS) is an emerging certification body working globally on Halal certification in order to cater to the needs in partnership with you for sustainable development by providing quality and productivity through inspection, certification, testing, and training. GHS certifies the product under the promising coordination of its well established Shariah Supervisory Board, Highly qualified Food Technologists, Food Auditors, and R&D professionals. There are numerous opportunities for our exporters to earn for the economy but Halal certified products add value addition to the international standing of the product.


    Phone: +92-3467817948




  10. IFANCA Pakistan Halal Apex Pvt Ltd

    The Islamic Food of Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA®) is a global halal certification and consulting organization, based in Chicago, with clients in over 70 countries and offices placed around the world, including Pakistan and India. The mission of IFANCA is to promote halal through education, consulting, certification, and market development. It has held educational conferences for the industry independently as well as in collaboration with other organizations.

    House No 144 A, Hakimawala Chowk, Peoples Colony No 2, Punjab Pakistan

    Tel: +92 41 8720786, +92 300 7606828