Halal Certification

UHF Certification Council

Address: Chandragiri-10, Kathmandu, Nepal / Dillibazar, Ktm., Nepal.
Phone: +977-01-6924127 / +977-9801015455
Email: info@hygienicworld.com / halalcertification1@gmail.com
Website: https://uhfcertification.org

Halal Certification Process:
(as provided on UHF’s website)

  1. Submission of halal application by an applicant to UHF;
  2. Submission of relevant documentation:
    1. Audit by UHF (Audit Work Order Form);
    2. Declaration of certificates;
    3. Brand details;
    4. The applicant’s registration certificate;
    5. Analysis report of the product;
    6. Food registration certificate;
    7. In-process and terminal inspection;
    8. Laboratory Analysis Report;
    9. Raw material’s buyer details;
    10. Standard operating procedure for personal hygiene;
    11. Finished product inspection Report;
    12. List of raw materials and their suppliers;
  3. Once reviewed, UHF will issue a certificate.

Sample of Halal Certificate by UHF Certification Council