Halal Certification

Halal Damu (Halal Development) LLP

Halal Damu LLP was established under the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan on 8th of October 2014. The body was accredited by JAKIM in 2018 in regulating the halal industry in the country through halal standardization and certification. The main objective of the body is to provide support of the development of local halal enterprises while increasing the knowledge of reliable halal and quality products to the community. Since Halal Damu LLP has been accredited and certified, many local halal products certified by them under the label KMDB Halal are exported to more than 40 nations all around the world.

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan Astana City, Dinmuhammad, Konayey Street, 13.
Phone No.: +7(7172)286220
Email: kmdbhalal@mail.ru
Website: www.halaldamu.kz

Halal Process by Halal Damu LLP:

  1. Applicants send their applications along with relevant legal documents and product samples to the director Halal Damu LLP;
  2. An agreement relating to the productions and services of the product is concluded between the applicants and the body once the relevant documents are checked;
  3. Subsequently, the applications are registered;
  4. Once registered, the documents are approved;
  5. Next, is the process of determining the method of certification of the product. Here, the commission of experts are called to determine the level of compliance with the requirements of Shariah in the course of work and the methods of production;
  6. Next, the composition of product samples is determined. In this process, the body works with the Kazakh-Japanese Innovative Genetically Modified Laboratory to determine any products that are not Shariah compliant. E.g., detecting pig DNA.
  7. Next, the process of consultation to address any concerning issues relating to the products;
  8. The commission of experts will then conclude a final opinion which is provided after the evaluation process as mentioned above;
  9. The applicants will be notified of the halal rules and standards through seminars, trainings, educational presentations and videos by the body;
  10. A permanent supervisor will be assigned to the applicants; and
  11. Halal certificate will be awarded once the process has been completed.

Sample of Halal Damu LLP's Halal Certificate

Association Halal Industry of Kazakhstan (AHIK)

The Association Halal Industry of Kazakhstan (AHIK) is the first halal certification body in Kazakhstan that was established in 2006, a decade after the country was registered as a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). In that same year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has established Halal Standards Committee to produce halal certificates while simultaneously carry the halal labels to appeal to the community. In essence, the body adapted Malaysian regulatory and development framework of the halal market in developing its halal industry. The body's halal logo was issued by the Department of Islamic Malaysia (JAKIM). AHIK has also worked closely with other intergovernmental agencies in Malaysia, such as SIRIM and Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) in developing its own halal certification process.

Address: 9 Office, 67 Pobeda Avenue, Astana City, 010000 Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.
Phone No.: +87172574732
Fax No.: +87172518423
Email: sarsenbaev_m@mail.ru / ahik20210@mail.ru

Sample of AHIK's Halal Certificate